est. 1992
Logan's Picture

Logan Robert Zandi

Age: 4

Birthday: January 24, 2005

Occupation Student, Kid

Grade: K

Favorite Color: Blue

Favorite Bible Verse: When God died on the cross

Favorite Bible Person (besides Jesus): Noah

Favorite School Subject: Learning to Read (Phonics), math

Favorite Food: Olives, Apples, Oranges

Interest: Going on the Wii, play on the Playstation, Gameboy, computer playtime, play outside, light sabers, going to the park & dancing

Favorite Musicians/Bands/Singers: Owl City (Fireflies), Jana Alayra, the Jonas Brothers, Bon Jovi

Favorite Movie: Star Wars, Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Up, Cars

Favorite Animal: Hippopotamus

Favorite Book: I Spy books

Favorite Sport: Soccer

When I Grow Up... I'm going to be a firefighter; I will make fires get out and people be safe.

Favorite TV Show: Phineas & Ferb